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Why Vegan?

Veganism is THE fastest-growing trend in our country, with Australia topping Google's worldwide searches for the word vegan!

With concerns over health, climate change, cruelty to animals and water usage, Aussies now lead the way towards a healthier, kinder and cleaner future.

If we compare vegan products in supermarkets now to just a few years ago, we can see that even mainstream companies are aware of the rising interest in a plant-based lifestyle.

TV exposes and environmental documentaries make people question where their food comes from and decide to make changes in their life.

As Aussie celebrities such as Liam Hemsworth are declaring their renouncing of meat, eggs and dairy products, veganism loses its "hippie image" and more and more well-known companies are jumping on the bandwagon to not miss out on this hot new way of living. Headlines like "Guinness goes vegan" show that even multinationals such as the Irish beer-giant are aware of the ever-growing interest and demand for more vegan options all over the world.

Come and see what the future will be like.   

Noosa Vegan Festival - 21 April 2018

The Noosa Vegan Festival showcases the diversity of the vegan lifestyle with a wide variety of different stalls, speakers, celebrity guests, and of course an abundant selection of delicious food!

This unique day is a fun event displaying the latest vegan products, particularly highlighting the number of plant-based companies in our area, while creating a community atmosphere through music, entertainment and kids’ activities.


Take off 2 days, come for 5 (Thank you ANZAC Day)

Join us for the first ever Noosa Vegan Festival

The Biggest Vegan Festival in Queensland to date!

Don't miss out on a fantastic day full of first-rate entertainment for the whole family, fabulous fresh food, fit and famous people, fascinating singers and forward-thinking speakers - you'll feel good to be part of the fastest-growing movement in Australia!

Vegan Food

Let us amaze you with the unbelievable selection, flavours and cuisines that vegan dishes can offer. We guarantee you will be spoilt for choice and won't go home hungry!

Vegan Products

Take your pick from the latest in local delicacies, cruelty-free cosmetics, non-leather shoes and bags, nutrition and cookery books, pet products as well as information from animal charities. 

Vegan Wine

Enjoy a complimentary taste of some of the best vegan wine Australia has to offer and take home a bottle or two from our diverse range.


The Noosa Vegan Festival will be on in ....


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Keynote Speaker

Joey Carbstrong is a Youtuber and an international Animal Liberation Activist.
He is fast becoming a worldwide recognised social media personality and is a passionate vegan lifestyle advocate. Joey is a reformed gang member and transformed his life after an epiphany he had while he was in prison. He now dedicates his life to creating awareness of the plight of animals and promoting peace.

  • joey-carnstrong
    Joey Carbstrong

Wally and Debbie Fry started Fry’s Family Foods in their home country South Africa 21 years ago by experimenting in their family kitchen to find protein alternatives for their own consumption. Today, their company has become an international success producing thousands of tons of vegan-only products per year, and employing over 300 people worldwide. Wally is passionate about the environment; more specifically, he is well known for his determination in highlighting the detrimental impact that the meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries currently have on the planet. 

  • wally-fry
    Wally Fry

As an avid Crossfitter, 5th Dan Karateka, self defence coach, surfer, businesswoman, public speaker, and mom of 2 little boys, the current Australian Open and QLD karate champion Tammy Fry embodies health and wellness. With over a decade of experience at the helm of Fry’s Family Foods, Tammy is guided by her nutritional expertise, her love of fitness and the environment. Enabling others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone of her passion. Tammy has spoken at countless schools and universities on the topic of food choices and climate change. Recently, she has taken her message to the global stage, including London and New York City’s Climate Change Summit.
  • tammy-fry
    Tammy Fry

James Perrin is a chemical and environmental engineer with experience in sustainability, innovation, and food manufacturing across Australia and New Zealand. He has led businesses to national and international sustainability awards, gained B-Corp certification, and has been invited to speak in front of the NSW Business Chamber, at international engineering conventions, and at the World Environment Day Festival. As a long-term strategic thinker, he has come to realise the enormous global benefit of plant-based lifestyles.

  • james
    James Perrin

Anthony Walsgott is a long time animal rights/vegan activist, animal legal rights lawyer, public speaker, animal rights musician, qualified vegan nutritionist and sportsman (boxer). In 2010 Anthony founded the Save A Cow Foundation and has saved more than 300 cows, calves, steers and bulls from the slaughterhouse and dairy industries, caring for them on a number of Save A Cow Sanctuaries scattered across the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, some sanctuaries being open for the public to visit to provide vegan and animal rights education. Anthony also runs a number of public events including the various Brisbane March To Close All Slaughterhouses started by Anthony in 2016. 
  • Anthony-Walsgott
    Anthony Walsgott

Paige Renshaw is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and an all around amazing superwoman revolutionising the way we look at our lifestyles, food and health.  Lacking inner vitality and living through a roller coaster of feeling unwell for a decade; Paige decided to take control of her life when she hit rock bottom.  Creating her own self healing, self love and self care using various wellness modalities, nature as her guide, food as her pharmacy and reconnecting with her inner wisdom and knowledge.  Paige is committed to assisting others on their own voyage in achieving  optimal health, vitality and wellbeing.

Paige will be sharing with you how she overcame feeling unwell, unhappy and exhausted and how using a plant based diet and self care practices she is now free from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, yoyo weight fluctuations and endometriosis.

  • paige
    Paige Renshaw
Fitness Panel

Mat Grills, otherwise known as the Tattoo Runner, is an ultra-endurance athlete who has competed in over 35 ultra-marathons including the 240km Coast to Kosci. He has participated in many 100mile trail events and won the Buffalo Stampede (three days of racing over 150km in distance and over 9000m in ascent).  He is crazy enough to come up with and complete self-organised ultra-marathons adventures, such as running from Bundaberg to Brisbane and back in a relay with his dad! He recently ran from Bargara to the Sunshine Coast (320km) in one push - taking a mere 57hr 30min. He is the owner/operator of The Journey Cafe in Bargara and is married with two daughters.
  • Mat-Grills
    Mat Grills

Abidin “Abs” Marhad transitioned to the vegan lifestyle 3 years ago and has never looked back. He has experienced all different types of “healthy diets” and is convinced that an all plant based diet is by far the most effective of them all.

Abs has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years. He has trained in an array of fitness methods, from bodybuilding, weightlifting, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu to now Calisthenics and Yoga. Through learning about the vegan lifestyle it has also opened and altered his views on training. He has now opened his own studio here on the Sunny Coast where bringing more natural, functional movement into his and his members training regime has become prime focus.

  • Abidin-Abs-Marhad
    Abidin “Abs” Marhad

Brad Dalrymple is an Environmental Engineer and amateur triathlete. He is the current National Olympic Distance and State Long Course triathlon champion for his age group and recently came fourth overall in Ultraman Australia – a crazy event of 10km of swimming, 420km of cycling and an 84km double marathon.

  • Brad-Dalrymple
    Brad Dalrymple

Rafa Miyashiro is an active BJJ competitor with titles such as 2x Australian National Champion and Pan Pacifics Champion.

Rafa has been vegan for 2.5 years, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 7 years. He is competing in the Jiu Jitsu World Pro in Abu Dhabi in April (leaving 2 days after the festival) and the following week in the European Masters. He is also a BJJ instructor and loves to inspire people on their BJJ journey, on healthy eating, veganism, environmental consciousness etc.
Rafa's passion is to inspire other people to go vegan, break the myths and show the world that is possible to be a vegan high level athlete!
  • Rafa-Miyashiro
    Rafa Miyashiro

For almost 2 decades, Dr Carmen Atkinson has been working in private practice as a chiropractor. Having studied Sports Science prior to undertaking her Chiropractic degree, Dr Carmen has also worked extensively in the Sports and Fitness sphere. Dr Carmen believes that as human beings we are designed for extraordinary health and athleticism, yet so few people realise their potential.
Carmen has an extensive list of her own athletic accomplishments, most recently as an ultra distance endurance athlete, ultramarathon runner and Ironman triathlete, reaching the pinnacle of the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2015.
  • carmen-atkinson
    Carmen Atkinson
Cooking Demo Presenters

Since being sent off to school each day with a bag of vegetables for lunch Fed for Wellness founder, Sally Jane Douglas, has embodied a conscious life of vibrant health and wellness both physically and mentally. 
Sally is a Living Foods Chef, Plant-Based Educator and Health and Wellness Coach, with a heart led passion of empowering people to put their health back on the agenda, bit(e) by bit(e), through plant-based whole foods, mindful eating and conscious consuming.
  • sally
    Sally Jane Douglas

Davina Maree, a personal trainer and vegan health coach, turned vegan in her early 30’s after witnessing all the health improvements of this lifestyle in a friend; the benefits were amazing; clearer skin, improved athletic performance, better muscle recovery and much more energy. This intrigued Davina to try the plant-based lifestyle and Davina has never looked back.
As a vegan, Davina has competed in fitness competitions, guided many into leading a vegan lifestyle and loves to inspire others to try her delicious cooking through her business "Vegan Fitness Academy". 
Come meet Davina at her Why Go Vegan presentation and try a sample of her amazing food!
  • Davina-VFA
    Davina Maree

Sunshine Coaster Kate Vincent has been cooking vegan meals for her family for the past 9 years. Due to many friends and family showing an interest in vegan food, she decided to start a business in order to help others cook vegan too. 
3 green meals was created in January 2018. Sunshine Coast locals can order a weekly box that contains the recipes and ingredients to cook 3 vegan meals at home, each serve is for 4 people. 
  • kate
    Kate Vincent

Pull together untraditional reggae vibrations, blues licks and a whole lot of coastal soul and your well on your way to spending a night on the town with Sunshine Coasts own Bub-Kiss.

Led by the charismatic front man ‘Hutcho’ whose growling vocals compliment his smooth stylish finger picking Stratocaster. Their songs are inspired by life at the beach, including ‘Free’ – written about First Bay in Coolum and ‘Getaway’ – trying to escape problems by running away.

Bub-Kiss are currently in the studio working on their debut EP, due to be released at the end of summer.

“Perfect Fusion of Blues and Reggae”

  • bubkiss

Lucy Gallant is hailed as one of the most talented indie artists on the scene. The British-born virtuoso plays an array of instruments, skilfully producing intricate, high-energy rhythms on the Cajón, while simultaneously singing and playing guitar, drums, ukulele or melodica. Gallant’s unique voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her songs. From light-hearted and ethereal to intense and edgy, her vocals propel passion as visceral and versatile as her lyrics.

She writes her own original songs, fusing sounds of rock, reggae, soul, latin and folk-pop.

  • flowerchild
    Lucy Gallant

Gem Stone is a travelling singer/song writer and performer. Gem Stone has played throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and is currently based in Northern NSW.
She is performing her melodic, emotionally charged solo acoustic sets as well as entertaining the kids with her Fuzzy Furry Friends Puppet show. Have a peek into the heart and soul of Gem Stone through listening to her music about love and life. A dedicated vegan with alternative folk inspired melodies. 
  • unnamed
    Gem Stone

Based on the Sunshine Coast, the Cherry Ripes are 2 loverly ladies and a heck of a lot of fun. They perform a bundle of sing-a-longs, silly songs and send ups. They like to play funny instruments - keyboard, ukelele, wash board, kazoo and plastic chicken and dress up in loverly cherry ripe outfits. The Cherry Ripes (or is it the Cherry Attrics) will get you singin’, dancin’, rockin’ and laughin’ your socks off.

  • cherry-ripes
    Cherry Ripes

Ben Love is a guitarist and composer based on the Gold Coast. He will perform spacious fingerstyle guitar music at this year's festival and draws on a range of inspirations from various genres. 

His new project Elk Mountain has just released its debut EP called "The Daylight In Between" which is out now worldwide. 

Just like him, one of his guitars is also a vegan. 

  • Elk-Mountain-Ben-1
    Ben Love

Zac Gunthorpe has progressed in leaps and bounds since the release of his 'Long Lost Love Lies’ EP in October 2012. His song writing has maturity well beyond his years, as Gunthorpe’s style has scaled new heights in telling emotional tales of love and loss in his album ‘Glory Bound’ released 2016. Currently working towards releasing his new single ‘Ghost of The Town’ in April and album in October 2018; recorded live with the Brown Byrds in Eureka town hall, Gunthorpe is set to captivate with a rocking new sound. 

  • ZacGunthorpe
    Zac Gunthorpe

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